Jacob Falla

Director and Head Coach - Performance Specialist

My passion and appreciation for performance started when I was just 13. I was touring Holland in a football (soccer) team, under the guidance of my biggest mentor to date. An academy coach who’s life looked the dream. This very experience moulded and shaped the rest of my life, pursing “the dream” of being able to provide such opportunities for others.

I am fascinated by human movement, especially in sport by the individual identity expressed out on the pitch. Through years’ worth of coaching experience, certifications, diplomas, workshops, and research I’ve developed a unique skill set which yields exceptional results for any person looking to improve their physical performance. My passion lays within maximising your true potential, I deliver much more than a coaching manual can obtain during each session and thoroughly enjoy imparting knowledge to all ages.


  • Bachelor of Sports Coaching, Sports Science Stream – Victoria University
  • Diploma of Sports Development – Canberra Institute of Technology
  • Strength and Conditioning, Level 1 – Australian Strength and Conditioning Association
  • Personal Training Accreditation, Cert 3 and 4 – Victoria University
  • 7 years coaching experience
  • 10+ years elite athlete

Dominic Falla

Nutrition, Health and Massage Professional

My passion for all things health, fitness, and performance started from a young age when I began to play soccer. I loved the game and the physical focus so much that since then I have concentrated on seeking to better myself, improve, and gain as much knowledge to ensure I can be the best athlete I could possibly be.

This desire and passion for soccer has opened many other doors over the years to all things health, nutrition, and performance based. This led me down the path to become a Remedial Massage Therapist and a Nutrition Coach.

My experience, both personally and environmentally over the many years as an athlete, has given me the desire to continually learn and share as much as I can. I want to help make a positive change to people and to the health and fitness industry, providing non-biased, scientific, and anecdotal evidence based knowledge to educate and help everyday people and athletes to live an awesome and optimal life.


  • Qualified Nutrition Coach – Body Type Nutrition Academy
  • CLC Certificate in Sports Nutrition
  • Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy – Victorian University
  • Specialist in Remedial Massage and Sports Massage Therapy, Certificate level 1 and 2 – CIM Grupo de Formacion (Valencia, Spain)
  • 10+ years elite athlete
  • Bi-lingual – English and Spanish