Welcome to Oxidate!

At Oxidate we believe that skill development creates opportunity and opportunities dictate success. Through customised programming, Oxidate increases performance for individual development. Oxidate aims to enhance individual performance through:
  • Effective and efficient customised training programs
  • Opportunity for success in your chosen sport
  • Improved human movement
  • Increased strength and energy production
  • Opportunity to achieve your desired change
While we specialise in football development, Oxidate can also provide great opportunities for skill development and performance increase within any organisation.
Athlete Development Achieving Desired Change
1 on 1 coaching Personal Training
Online Coaching and Programming Group Fitness
Group Fitness Online Coaching and Programming
Flexibility and Mobility Flexibility and Mobility

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A sneak peak at one of our athlete based sessions! ...

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There is no better feeling 💪🏼

Oxidate's 3 steps to an awesome day:

1. Setting the alarm an hour before you normally get up (yes this means going to bed earlier also) - This will give you an hour of "you" time before the day commences.

2. Drink 600mls of water upon wake up to flush your system of toxins and rehydrate - many of us are starting the day behind and playing catch up. Flush your toxins, clear your mind.

3. Investing this time towards your own personal development, both mentally and physically.
Read a book, stay away from the phone screen / tv (blue light) and excess stress (cortisol) we unknowingly increase whilst browsing. Engage in a form of physical activity to release endorphins (the feel good stuff) 🙂

How often are we too exhausted or unmotivated at the end of a busy and long day? Flip things around, don't "fit in" or rush what you want to achieve. Take the time to achieve it properly. Your deserve it!

Try this out if you aren't already. Start your day hydrated, switched on and positive.
Ready to achieve greatness !! We owe it to ourselves !!

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*Oxidate kick starts 4 week challenge*

Great session this morning! Whilst the numbers are increasing, we are on the way toward creating an awesome training community. Like minded individuals coming together to work hard toward achieving their goals 💪🏼

Each session has been crafted to ensure we stay on track, both individually and as a team! Working together through incremental stages, learning how to lift with perfect technique, building confidence and strength to reach new heights; mentally and physically.

Small group training is an awesome way to stay motivated - banter - hidden (not so hidden) competition - partner challenges - providing the clarity that you are not on this journey alone!

At oxidate we believe in the importance of training correctly. We will take the time to understand your goals, the connection you have toward them and work together ensuring you feel as great as you envision once achieving your end destination.

We only have limited spaces left - click the link to apply now - Do NOT miss your chance ✔️


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[The 4-Week Kickstarter Challenge]

We’re looking for a select handful of people to take part in our 4-Week Kickstarter Challenge 💪

✅Do you live or work near Brooklyn?
✅Are you willing to follow a customised exercise and nutrition plan specific for you?
✅Is it time for you to finally get permanent results?🙌

If you said yes to any of the above 🙋
Click here to learn more — bit.ly/2m4Jte0

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Awesome to be back working with Sandringham u18's in a strength and conditioning role!! Bring on the next 6 weeks #trainhard #playharder ⚽️💪🏼✔️ ...

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