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At Oxidate we believe that skill development creates opportunity and opportunities dictate success. Through customised programming, we specialise in individual performance. Oxidate aims to enhance individual performance through:
  • Effective and efficient customised training programs
  • Opportunity for success in your chosen sport
  • Improved human movement
  • Increased strength and energy production
  • Opportunity to achieve your desired change
Athlete Development Achieving Desired Change
1 on 1 coaching Personal Training
Online Coaching and Programming Group Fitness
Group Fitness Online Coaching and Programming
Flexibility and Mobility Flexibility and Mobility

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July 10th, 11th & 13th

Oxidate is launching our biggest and best School Holiday Clinic yet!!

You won't want to miss this opportunity!!

Head to the link below for more information:

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Excited to launch our 2017 School Holiday Program!!

Our 3rd clinic in collaboration with Diamond Valley United and will be our biggest and best yet!!
Such a great opportunity to share our brand of performance coaching within the community club structure! ⚽️✔️

2nd week of school holidays
July 10th, 11th & 13th
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday.

More information out soon #staytuned

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Always great to converse with others, especially strangers. We can learn information that might take a lifetime to experience in just minutes.
Due to moving to a city where I knew no body, my first hobby became to meet and greet as many people as possible for this very reason. If people are open and willing to express who they are based on their own experiences, the learning capabilities are endless.
Experience is such an undervalued concept. We are walking, living, breathing ‘experience’. Our every move and thought are shaped by our past and present experiences.

As soon as we begin to change the way we think about what’s directly in front of us, learn to listen and ask the right questions we can unlock a new state of awareness.

We all have a story, habits, automated responses, inclinations and abilities based on our up bringing’s, surroundings and encounters. How many conversations do we have daily? Are you present and invested, or does your mind wander?

So many people can talk (mostly verbal diarrhoea) but not many of us can listen.

Listening is a skill and in a world, that’s ‘all about me’ and so time poor I feel the art of communication is sadly dying off. If you listen carefully, there are so many gifts in conversation.

Take the time to simply be. Be present in the moment during your next verbal encounter, maintain an open mind and learn to grow off one another.

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How'd you spend your Saturday morning? We were up before the sun getting busy lifting PB's with the crew 💪🏼 followed by a lovely LISS (low intensity steady state cardio) session along the beach !! #altona ...

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And that's a wrap!
Great to see community football coaches understanding the importance of performance programming.
Completing a 10 week preseason package with a community football team. Soft tissue injuries are at an all time low entering the mid season break.
Coaching staff and athlete's have learnt proper training methods, rest periods, warm up and cool down protocols along with the importance of periodised programming.

We focused on body maintenance, priming the 'injury prone' areas - ankles / glutes / hamstrings / hips, retuned mechanics - run / jump / land / change direction and implemented a series of strength / power / speed sessions to improve each players individual performance.

A football team is made up of 11 individuals... sometimes I think coaches forget this. If each player is firing at their optimum, the team itself will lift to another level.

Strong, sharp, explosive players with the skilled and physically ability to out play their opposition for the entire 90 minutes #oxidateme


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